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How to purchase products from our company

We provide our customers full information about available products and the way of making the order on our web site. It makes the purchasing very easy and do not takes much time.

1.       Selection of product.

To order the product, you can fill the application form on our WEB site or contact our manager by e-mail or by phone. Please, enter the product name, delivery terms, product quantity and other information and requirements that is important for you to place your order. Soon, after receiving your application you will be contacted by our manager to clarify all the details and questions on your order, and the timing of shipment, price, etc. After this the order is confirmed.

2.       Delivery

After verifying all the issues with the manager, we will send you a contract and invoice. You sign and send us a scanned copy. After that, an application on the transport and delivery is made.

We deliver our products all over the Europe and provide all customs procedures if needed.  Delivery of products from the moment of order confirmation, usually takes 5-10 days depending on the place of delivery. Exact day of delivery you will be provided at the day of shipment.


3.       Payment.

Payment terms are negotiable. Usually, payment is made within 1 day after the delivery.

 To get more infirmation about terms of delivery and paymant, and if you have additional questions, please, write us on e-mai:

4.       Customer log in

Registration is not mandatory procedure, but registered users get the opportunity to learn first about our special offers, discounts, and more.