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Biotec-trade EU  Company

Bio Trade EU occupies a leading positionin the field of biofuel and agro products of Ukrainian companies, which are offering their products on international market. Bio Trade EU is a fast-growing company. We are constantly discovering new horizons and look confidently to the future.

The company has been successfully operating since 2010 and during that time managed to create a successful image, both Ukrainian and international arenas. Our team is focused on the search for new fields of business, expansion of range of products required by our customers to establish long-term and mutually beneficial relations.

Bio Trade EU is highly vertically integrated business administration. Our advantage is in the understanding of all phases of production, from harvesting wood or agricultural products to delivery of finished product to the customer. Our company operates productions in various regions of Ukraine, and also is available storage space, high-tech drying and prepackage.

In addition, we have a wide network of suppliers, which have established close and lasting relationships .We hold a strong position, as well understand the needs of our customers and can meet different requirements.

Our main activities:

biofuel: briquettes RUF, Pini Kay, wood pellets from different kinds of wood;

anthracite coal

logging: firewood dry chamber and air-dried, fresh firewood from different kinds of wood;

mulch, bark, organic peat.

agro pellets and briquettes: pellets of alfalfa, straw, sunflower husk briquettes;

walnut kernels: various grades of product, excellent quality, convenient packaging;

sunflower oil.