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Biotec-trade EU  Briquettes

What is a fuel briquette?

Briquettes - an economical, comfortable, modern and environmentally friendly biofuels. Made us briquettes do not include any harmful binders.

Where to Apply?

Wide application and can be used for different types of furnaces, central heating boilers, wood and coal boilers. Also, they are perfectly lit in fireplaces, stoves, grills. Briquettes can be used for heating of private property and industrial buildings (farms, warehouses and industrial premises, boiler room).

Raw materials base 

Raw material for the production of fuel pellets is sawdust soft and hard wood trees, sunflower husks, buckwheat, peat and other materials.

Briquettes, regardless of what raw material to produce it are distinct in form - it could be a "brick" or easly cylindrical and hexagonal shapes with or without an opening inside.

There are 3 types of wood fuel briquettes. They differ in shape, and thus the method of production. This RUF, NESTRO and Pini & Kay.